Progressive Women of Hendersonville
Postcard Party-
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The Education Team would not only educate members of PWH but also the entire community about issues that fall in line with the mission and vision for PWH.  We will achieve this through documentary screenings, speaker forums, participatory activities and discussions. Topics to cover could be, but not limited to; political policies, the structure of governmental bodies, immigration, health care, climate change, women’s issues, racial justice, gender rights and non-violent practices. The audience could be specific to PWH or extended to the wider community.

​Progressive Planners
A group of women dedicated to the success of PWH.  They meet monthly to support the Postcard Party by volunteering and contacting community leaders for our First Fiday Focus that include topics that are relevant to our community. You are welcome to join in on the discussion and planning. The schedule is listed on the PWH calendar. 

General Information